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The safest way to stop a vehicle

Making use of basic principles, and cutting edge software, the PROspike STINGER deploys by shooting a foldable highly resistant spike strip across 5 meters (16.4 ft) in less than a second (depending on the weather/ground conditions). Then, once the vehicle to be stopped has come in touch with the PROspike STINGER, the strip goes back to its case in just the same time. This can be safely activated at the distance thanks to its remote control.

The PROSpike STINGER has been operating effectively in several different scenarios. From uneven or unstable grounds to extreme weather conditions; the PROspike STINGER was able to stop different kinds of vehicles. These ranged from motorcycles to trailers.



The advantages of the PROspike STINGER

What has positioned PROspike STINGER as the #1 vehicle stopping system


Traditional spike stringers have been the cause of injury and even death for several law-enforcement officers. Because these spike strips are manually operated, the users are directly exposed to the vehicles driving at dangerous speeds, as well as the obvious spike stringer recoiling.

The PROspike STINGER was developed from the idea that personal safety should be brought to a higher level without sacrificing performance. Users must be able to safely and quickly set up, deploy and retract the PROspike STINGER.

With a weight of only 23 kg (50.7 lb), the PROSpike STINGER can be lifted by any user. There is no need for any additional device to carry the PROspike STINGER in and out of a vehicle. Its comfortable handles allow for easy handling. When it is in a standby, a cover plate on the front of the PROSpike STINGER and its shielded main switch nullify the risk of accidental deployment.

The PRO Spike STINGER can be activated and monitored through its remote control, from a safe distance of 100 meters (328.08 ft). Notifications about the status and operational capacities of the PRO Spike Stringer are shown in the remote’s display.


Traditional vehicle stop systems and tools become useless and must be replaced for new ones, once a vehicle has driven over it. The materials are easily bent, some of its components are broken, and some others have even caught fire. In the quest for the sturdiest and most efficient materials, the PROspike STINGER lab managed to eradicate these characteristics through a long series of testing.

The PROspike STINGER has been developed from scratch with the sole purpose of effectively stopping a car. Custom-made alloys, in-house developed software and mechanics allow the PROspike STINGER to endure the toughest conditions, over and over again. The impact this has had in the financial field of the organizations making use of the PROspike STINGER has been significant. Organizations are no longer forced to buy spare parts, or even replacements continuously. The PROspike STINGER users are able to save a considerable amount of financial resources on a medium and long term budget.

PSS-op Program

One of the main advantages of the PROspike STINGER is not only safety for those directly operating the device. The overall dynamics to approach tactical operations could change. Safer and more effective operations could take place in different scenarios. These are ranging from border security, checkup points, anti-terrorism operations, facility safekeeping, among others.

Special forces trainers from all over the world are able to ensure better outcomes, when using the PROspike STINGER. If your organization is an official law-enforcement or military institution, you are entitled to request our PSS Special Operations Program.

The NATO model

The PROspike STINGER was developed using the needs and quality standards of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) countries, as its foundation.

Foreseeing its constant usage, the PROspike STINGER can be endlessly activated, while connected to a 110-220 V power source. However, it can also be autonomously transported and deployed for as many as 24 times, before it needs to be recharged. This can be done from a conventional power outlet, but it can also be plugged into a standard car battery.

The PROspike STINGER has the ability to pair with other units for simultaneous deployment. This increases the reach of the spike strip, when closing more than one lane, or even an entire section with one single action.

The remote control uses SMART RECorder technology. The PROspike STINGER has been equipped with a GPS unit. This allows the registration of the time and location of every deployment. The encrypted data can be retrieved sonely by the owner or staff in charge of every unit.

NATO Stock Number (NSN): 4240-17-127-0850

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